The Man With Bear Spirit

Executive Summary

The Man With Bear Spirit (TMBS) is a G-rated family movie with talking animal characters. TMBS possesses all the revenue generating components and potential that high yield animated movies enjoy, such as unique marketing and cross-marketing capability and extensive merchandising. Movies of this genre are almost always profitable.These movies more consistantly out perform all other movie genres when comparing cost to profit. When movies of this genre do not profit, it is usually due to extravagant production and advertising budgets.

For a closer look at box office performance of these types of films, click here. These numbers do not include DVD rental and sales, or marketing and merchadising profits, which can be extensive, and often times greatly exceeds box office revenues.

TMBS also has a sequel which will support and enlarge brand recognition and will give this story and project a very long life and generate revenue for years to come. Estimated budgets on these two films is 30m each. Film budgets are difficult to determine until a final screenplay is completed. For futher info on this project, it will be necessary to speak directly to WOTM personnel, as this project is in developement.

High Concept

A big game hunter and fur trapper is transformed from a threating menace to wild life, to its most ardent protector. His mission now - to save all the animals of Magical Bear Mountain from a group of evil men intent on having their hides.

main characters

Sarah Freeland...(Jennifer Aniston)
Jonathan Oakman.....(Jeff Bridges)
Princess Trianna....(Ellen Degeneres)
Jiggly....(Rob Schneider)
Wiggly....(David Spade)
Wise One....(Anthony Hopkins)
The Bear....(Michael Clark Duncan)